She is without doubt the most gifted facilitator and coach I have had the good fortune to learn from.
— Steve Sharpley, Managing Director, Xcell Dynamics Ltd., UK


Mary Ann is an internationally recognized consultant, speaker, executive coach and facilitator who has been helping clients for over thirty years to clarify their vision, expand their leadership capacity, communicate authentically and access the wisdom of their organizations to achieve extraordinary results.

Mary Ann’s extensive skill set includes the Harvard Law School’s research and best practices in ‘Negotiation and Difficult Conversations’ and integrates the most cutting edge research and applications from neuroscience. 

Ms. Somerville is an expert in the design and facilitation of dynamic interactive learning initiatives which she has used to help Fortune 500 companies throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Her passion is to increase the success and well-being of organizations by elevating the conversation and tapping the unique resources of leaders and teams to create (organic) organizational momentum.

Mary Ann holds a B.A. in Psychology, a Masters in Theology and a Master Coaching Certification from the Behavioral Coaching Institute, ICC.  She is a member of the Creating We Institute, a thought leadership collective that provides research and education for leaders and executive teams and the Neuro-Business Group.

Mary Ann is a woman of wisdom, insightfulness, vision and creativity. She exemplifies excellence. Her leadership has served as a template for merging clear creative, productive thinking with compassion and impeccable follow-through.  Her tutorage has assisted me greatly throughout the years.
— Jane Cremer, M.A., MFT, (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for the Dr. Phil Show
Mary Ann is outstanding. Time and again, I have been astonished at the delicate virtuosity with which she will diagnose a complex personal or group challenge, making a deft adjustment that produces immediate and powerful transformation. I heartily recommend Mary Ann for any business, personal or organization engagement requiring the highest degree of facilitation skill, respectful strength, insight and vision.
— Alaric Naiman, Principal at Transition States
If you’re struggling to find clarity or have a problem without a viable solution, be it personal or professional, you can’t afford not to contact Mary Ann Somerville. Her insight, clarity, and practical coaching and facilitation style are unsurpassed.
— Michael Connor, President, Thrive On Change, USA