Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
— John Fitzgerald Kennedy

We believe that the success of an organization depends on its people, and people need education and support to be fully engaged and contribute at their highest level.

The word “leadership” is often attributed to those who hold a certain position within the organization.  Our work is designed to unlock the innate wisdom and leadership resource throughout the organization. 

When people are encouraged to align with the vision, take accountability and lead from wherever they are, transformation occurs.

We utilize cutting edge information to increase conversational intelligence, establish trust and expand individual and organizational momentum.


Executive Coaching

All of our work begins with a conversation and is sustained through thoughtful inquiry.  We address five domains of executive development, physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual/intuitive and how all of this applies to interpersonal dynamics.

The coaching relationship is tailored to identify and fulfill important strategic goals and increase leadership acumen. We utilize the challenges of daily work and interactions with others to provide an in-depth combination of mindset and behavioral exploration and learning.

As a result, executives and team leaders align with their unique values and attributes, develop their leadership and communication style, increase emotional intelligence, tackle tough issues and create strategies for success.

Our clients are encouraged to create a plan for personal well-being in addition to potent strategies for achieving their most important business aspirations and goals. 


Team Mentoring and Facilitation

The most important and often challenging aspect of building a sustainable high performance team is leveraging the different interests, communication styles, and mindsets of team members.

Our work is designed to help teams clarify, confirm and commit to their mission and chosen values, discover and move through blind spots, and learn to detect and resolve problems at the interpersonal level.

We also diagnose team function and custom design interactive learning initiatives to develop “best practice” skills that increase relational intelligence, build trust and tap the unique talents of team members.  The result is increased leadership and conversational capability to help teams achieve outstanding results and function at optimal levels.


High Stakes Conversations Consulting

Any relationship where we feel less than resourceful or off of our game or misunderstood can play havoc with our ability to communicate.  This can occur when there has been disagreement, when roles are less than clear or when our position or natural authority feels threatened. Unfortunately, these dynamics are too often present when we are about to engage in our most important conversations ie. one-to-one, in strategy meetings, or with our team.

Taking the time to prepare in advance for these conversations is an intelligent choice that increases our ability to perceive, assess and respond to divergent interests, manage emotional reactions of self and others, communicate our message and become a cohesive force in building trust and moving towards desired outcomes.

Conversational Consulting consists of two to four sessions.


Conversational Wisdom Workshop

More than ever before, the success of the organization depends on clear communication, purposeful collaboration and concise and transparent information exchange.  Change is constant. Companies need to adjust and realign strategic choices at a record pace which can disrupt previously agreed strategies and plans, increase stress and interfere with important goals.

This highly interactive program is designed for executives, teams and senior managers who want to increase their conversational acumen. They will learn the skills needed to tap the resource of highly diverse individuals in even the most challenging situations.

Based on cutting edge research from neuroscience, this workshop explores the wisdom of the brain and how we can utilize our innate capacity for problem solving, innovation and collective intelligence.  Participants will learn how to communicate more effectively, increase trust, cooperation and coherence while dissolving the limiting mindsets that too often sabotage our professional relationships and the success of our organizations.

This workshop can be custom designed to address specific issues and meet your company’s needs.  It is effective as a ½ day, one day or two day offering depending on the depth of intervention required.


Presentation and Story Telling Workshop

We all tell stories all the time and those stories motivate and inspire or defeat and undermine even the most compelling organizational vision and strategy.  This one-day workshop explores the art and science of effective presentation and story telling.

Designed for executives and team leaders who want to increase their capacity to communicate their message and expand the impact of that message throughout their company this dynamic and engaging workshop will help leaders develop a new acuity to discover, develop and communicate a powerful message in a way that resonates with the deeper values and aspirations of the people involved. They will also learn to listen to the “rhythm” of the audience and sense incongruity, in order to respond and inspire so that their message will be heard.

Always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else.
— Margaret Meade